rough around the edges

refurbishing unloved furniture

ta-ta penelope

little penelope left us today…she was one of my favorite pieces…partly because she was a pain in the butt to get from Garner to Raleigh and partly because i had that design picked out long before she came in into my life and i was just waiting for the perfect vanity…i have a pottery barn teen one that i personally use so knew exactly what i was looking for, but she was not an easy piece to find.  i didn’t get to meet the family that picked her up today, but i hear that penelope is going to a wonderful home in Holly Springs to be with a little girl.  her mother had a similar vanity when she was younger and she wanted her little girl to have the same piece in her room.  that’s one of the things that i really love about antiques. they have memories and stories and hopefully Penelope will be passed down to another generation and her mom can tell her all about the piece that grandma had that looked just like this one. 

  • 8 July 2012