rough around the edges

refurbishing unloved furniture

if you haven’t noticed, the chevron pattern is taking over the world! it is everywhere! blankets, pillows, towels, dog beds…so why not furniture! this little table was originally just painted light pink, but with the added pattern, it was transformed into an adorable bedside table perfect for a nursery or little girls room.  if i had a little girl, i would have kept this little gem for myself, but i just don’t think it will look the same in my son’s skateboard room :) 

it is currently available at In the Oak Treetops, which is an adorable shop that hosts birthday parties and camps for girls

ta-ta penelope

little penelope left us today…she was one of my favorite pieces…partly because she was a pain in the butt to get from Garner to Raleigh and partly because i had that design picked out long before she came in into my life and i was just waiting for the perfect vanity…i have a pottery barn teen one that i personally use so knew exactly what i was looking for, but she was not an easy piece to find.  i didn’t get to meet the family that picked her up today, but i hear that penelope is going to a wonderful home in Holly Springs to be with a little girl.  her mother had a similar vanity when she was younger and she wanted her little girl to have the same piece in her room.  that’s one of the things that i really love about antiques. they have memories and stories and hopefully Penelope will be passed down to another generation and her mom can tell her all about the piece that grandma had that looked just like this one. 

pretty in pink - SOLD

our first business card and thus the secret is out: stella, dudley, and june are not our real names simply made-up to sound cooler than we really are :) 

the first of many

our first fire station flea market was a success…we are so thankful to our friends that showed up to support us and the ones that couldn’t make it will not be forgotten either ;) little Liza was our first supporter and she went home with a one-of-a kind chicken wire picture frame that will be perfect to hold photos in her nursery…what made this day so special was that it was a family event…dudley jr. was more interested in collecting bugs than showcasing the furniture, but he didn’t try to escape into wake forest rd. traffic so in our book that equals a successful day! 

shout out to Lucy and Me Jewelry that rocked it on saturday!  i couldn’t be prouder of the owner, molly, a very talented jewelry designer who is an original just like her beautiful pieces. 

hopefully another market will be coming soon, but tis the season of weddings so i gotta check the calendar or dudley is gonna have to take the reins and we all know that stella doesn’t let go easily :)

Fire Station Flea Market


2913 Wake Forest Road (the old fire station next to the hand scrub car wash) 

Saturday, May 19th @ 10am-2pm 

alvin bedside table - $45 (SOLD)

grace bedroom dresser - $215 (SOLD)

i don’t like to play favorites, but grace is a beauty! and would be so perfect in a nursery.  i love that this piece could appeal to a baby girl or boy or to those parents that enjoy a surprise in the delivery room and choose not to know the gender of their baby.  i personally feel that parenting is chock full of surprises and there is no way i could have waited 40 weeks, but i’m impressed at the women who choose that road.  

"sit, relax, and gossip"

tess telephone chair - $145